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We offer first quality cavern tours to certified divers in an enjoyable, relaxed yet professional atmosphere.

At CDT Mexico, we are a team of professional cave divers and cave diving instructors with thousands of cave dives and cavern tours in the area since 2005. We are glad to share our knowledge of the local caves and experience of cave diving with our guests from around the world.

We take you to visit the beauties of the Mayan Underworld in a safe and relaxed manner, respecting conservative recreational diving limits and well within the daylight area of the gigantic Mexican caverns.

We fit our tours to the specific needs by choosing carefully the dives sites according to the diver’s levels, the accessibility of the sites and the time schedule of our guest.

Typical program
(dive sites are interchangeable)

-- 3 days of cavern diving --

day 1
Dos Ojos (Barbie Line & Bat Cave)
day 2
El Eden & Tajma Ha
day 3
Dreamsgate (up and downstream)

-- 2 more days of cavern diving --

Carwash, Chac Mool, Kukulkan, Zapote, Taak Be Ha, Nicte Ha, Maraviglia, Kin Ha, etc.
Dive sites can be changed according to the opening days of the cenote parks!

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